Friday, May 18, 2007

Robin Scroggs on the Cross

The cross is the revelation of who the God of Israel truly is - a God who gives life by grace, who does not rule the cosmos by domination and power. The cross reveals the new world controlled by a new definition of power. The cross thus is not a sign of weakness or suffering for its own sake. The cross is the revelation of eschatological reality and is guidance for all who must live in two worlds at the same time, the world of love as power and the world of domination as power.

Robin Scroggs, "Paul: Myth Remaker. The Refashioning of Early Ecclesial Traditions," in Pauline Conversations in Context: Essays in Honor of Calvin J. Roetzel, ed. Janice Capel Anderson, Philip Harl Sellew, and Claudia Setzer (JSNTSup 221; London: Sheffield Academic Press, 2002), 100.


Michael Gorman said...

Do you have the source for Scroggs?

metalepsis said...

Sure I will add it to the post.

Anonymous said...


I have seen you write about ETS before. What are your thoughts about the current president resigning to return to the Catholic Church? Pretty shocking news, huh? Thanks.

metalepsis said...

I don't know Dr. Beckwith personally, but by all accounts he seems to be a good bloke. To be honest I don't really have any thoughts worthy of note on the subject.