Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Prince to take time off to study the bible

Apparently Prince is in London to do some shows (only 30 ponds a ticket), and after he is going to take some time to study the bible. Perhaps he an Bono can come together and do a new study bible...

HT: Londonist


Anonymous said...


Hey. Sorry so long for not commenting. Was very busy with final exams.

Yeah, just what we need: another Study Bible. Especially from Prince and Bono! Look I love U2, but if those guys did a study Bible together, any mention of homosexuality would probably be removed (Prince) and any reference to Jesus being the exclusive way to Yahweh would be removed as well. Don't think I would buy one.

Take care man. Thanks for your posts.


dan said...

Isn't Prince a Jehovah's Witness?

metalepsis said...

Could be Dan, I am not sure?

Anonymous said...

Dan and Metalepsis,

Do you guys know what Bono believes? That song "Yahweh" is pretty cool. Didn't they do a song a long time ago called "40" based on Psalm 40? He seems to fear God. Does he claim to be a follower of Christ? Thanks.