Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mental Meanderings

I noticed that a London Indie band is attempting to give it's music away for free in hopes of broadening their fan base. I often thought that this would be a great new way for indie bands to make it in the ever changing music scape. Here is my idea for an up and coming indie band. First, make sure you can play. Next, record a CD with the people who know what they are doing. Then tour college towns distributing free CD's two weeks before the show in the local Uni papers. The idea is that enough people will dig your music to come out and pay to see you play, and these potential fans being familiar with your music, might actually make a connection with you and support you in your future en devours. Oh and this idea is under a creative commons license!

On a slightly unrelated point, Patrik Hagman over at God in a Shrinking Universe has a series on Tillich and Indie Music, and more recently Patrik has a link to Naomi Klein's article on the problems over at the World Bank. Here is a teaser:

Wolfowitz's only crime was taking his institution's international posture to heart. The fact that he has responded to the scandal by hiring a celebrity lawyer and shopping for a leadership "coach" is just more evidence that he has fully absorbed the World Bank way: When in doubt, blow the budget on overpriced consultants and call it aid.

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