Monday, May 14, 2007

Cruciformity: The Fundamental Option (part 1)

In an effort to explain faith in Paul’s thought Gorman uses the terminology of Fundamental Option, and more specifically FO as described by Josef Fuchs. Gorman finds in the nomenclature of FO a useful way to talk about Paul’s notion of how human beings are basically oriented either toward or away from God. The FO when rightly ordered toward God may be refereed to simply as love of God. This love of God can be described as the total surrender to self-commitment in loving God. But love of God can only happen in overcoming the innate human tendency to do evil, which is only possible through complete abandonment to God as Father, as shown through the example of Jesus the Christ, and the narrative out workings of the cross. Thus the required self-surrender of the person to God requires a grace, a power, from outside the person.


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