Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of my favorite things to do.

Today was our local libraries semi-annual book sale. Library book sales have been one of my favorite pastimes since a friend and I would traipse all over SoCal looking for bargains. Over the years I have filled a few shelves (anyone who has seen my library can attest to this) with fifty cent books (not books about the hip hop artist). One of my all time best buys would have to be the compact edition of the 22 volume OED. That is 22 volumes compacted into two hefty volumes, at 5pt font, now you need a magnifying glass to read it and all, but I got it for a dollar.

Today my treasures included, but were not limited to, The Chicago Manual of Style (13th ed.), Walter Wink's The Powers That Be, a book about Wilco (a great band), Jim Wallis' God's Politics, Stephen Jay Gould's Rocks of Ages, and Abbot and Smiths Greek Lexicon (which I promptly put up for sale).

The only bummer is that another guy found Wright's Jesus and the Victory of God, and seemed to be buying it only because of Fortress' nice cover, if only they could have put a dull brown cover on that book, I am confident that it would now be residing on my bookshelves.


All ill feelings to the chap who snagged the Wright book were quickly erased when I went back to the book sale and found 13 Anchor Bible Commentaries for 36 cents each, most of them were in the Hebrew Bible, but you can not beat 36 cents. Also picked up a gem called God and the Philosophers.

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