Monday, November 28, 2005

Again SBL


The receptions for me are always the highlight of SBL, and not just because of the free wine, although that does play a big part. This year, while mingling through the receptions, I met some old friends from Sheffield that I have not seen for ages, and it is always good to catch up on the departmental gossip, and to find out just what everyone is up to now (of course I forgot to bring my camera). The highlight by far was bumping into Mark Nanos, and chatting with him about my project. It is always affirming when an established scholar shows interest in your project. To be honest the Ph.D. is perhaps the most humiliating process I have been through, a time of constant doubting, and wondering if any one will buy the smoke I am blowing. So it is nice to get some positive feed back from someone who isn't known for affirming for the sake of being nice (just ask Preston).

The conversations outside of the seminars are always rich at SBL, perhaps because I have the luxury of having friends who are better thinkers than I, and who subsequently like to lash out against my feeble mind (shame shame!). This year was no exception, and they left me with much to mull over. I am counting on these conversations getting me through the next couple of months, so thank you!


Michael F. Bird said...

Were you guys avoiding me at SBL or something? I feel like I met everyone accept you guys!

metalepsis said...

Michael for a moment I saw you at IBR, I went to get a pudding, and you were gone! I reckon I made a bad choice, the pudding even melted in my hand.

Perhaps next year,

TheBlueRaja said...

Sorry, Mike; I would have really loved to meet you. You've actually had a helpful hand in some church issues we went through over the issue imputation via your JETS article! Anyway, we'll have to hit the pudding table together next year!

Mowens said...

Your comments about the Phd being a "humiliating" experience are much appreciated.