Tuesday, June 19, 2007


"Are the so-called terrorist-fundamentalists, be it Christian or Muslim, really fundamentalists in an authentic sense of the term. Do they really believe? What they lack, I think, is a feature that is easy to discern in all authentic fundamentalists, from Tibetan Buddhists to the Amish here in the U.S. The absence of resentment and envy; the deep indifference to the non-believers' way of life.... In contrast to a true fundamentalist, the terrorist-pseudo-fundamentalists are deeply bothered, intrigued, fascinated, by the sinful life of the non-believers. One can feel that in fighting the sinful other, they are fighting their own temptation. So I think that a so-called Christian or Muslim fundamentalist is a disgrace to true fundamentalism."

HT: swords to plowshares: Zizek and Belief: A Lecture, A Documentary:

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Mike Morrell said...

What an awesome quote. So true!