Friday, November 24, 2006

ETS: a recap

I had a great time at ETS. It is always nice to re-connect with old friends and meet new ones. I read my paper at ETS on Romans 13, and it went well, I got some really good feedback. (Thanks for everyone who came to my paper and for all the much needed feedback!) ETS was at a much better venue this year, ironically we were in the hip Dupont Circle area of D.C. for ETS, and as a consequence there were some really good restaurants, and some nice pubs. Chimay on tap!

I only went to one group of papers at ETS, it was the Young Evangelical Scholars group, it was the best put together session I have ever been to at an ETS. If this is the future of ETS, then we are in good hands. I was really impressed with the presentation by J. Kameron Carter, and Shane Claiborn from the Simple Way had a lot to say that made me a bit conscious of my lack of imagination.

It was a good time overall, but since the Yadav brothers were missing it was not quite the same!

More to come on SBL...


TheBlueRaja said...

I'm definitely going to try and make it next year, Bryan. Missed you chaps, and even tried recreating a night sharing a room, just to fill the gap in my soul. Didn't work out. Apparently my wife's not that into Ali G, and Linda Belville jokes are death outside that context.

Were you not interested in this year's topic at all?

metalepsis said...

not really interested in the speakers.

Sameer and Whitney said...

I too lamented not going this year Bryan -- I was buried in doctoral applications. I was admitted to Duke's Th.D. program and offered funding, and so I am very possibly going to be working with J.K. Carter next year along with Hauerwas! Carter has just sent a massive book to Oxford Press that is meant to redefine not only theology and race, but theological and political anthropology.

metalepsis said...

Congrats Sameer, this is truly a godsend, and I am extremely happy for you both. It will be nice to have friends already there. Carter wowed me with his mind and ideas, he basically lectured on a book he read at a Borders, all from memory. I will be buying his books!