Monday, June 26, 2006

sideways again.

I have not posted in some time, life does that to you sometimes, ya know. So I will update you on my meanderings:

First we moved house and that took some considerable energy, my books are still boxed up as we await bookshelves worthy to hold my precious tombs. If my wife had her way they would remain in there cardboard confines for eternity, but I insist that is no way to treat your friends.

I had the privilege to participate in a mission trip to Mexico with Amor ministries; where our group built three houses. There is something very energizing about living out the faith rather than simply talking about it. I think I could work for the peace corp. or for Habitat and be quite fulfilled.

I have a paper to write for ETS now; I am attempting to take Romans 13 as a polemic against the governing authorities, rather than as a statement of complicity; should be fun! I can't wait for ETS/SBL and meeting up with good friends and indulging in all things vinous!

Started reading "sideways" this weekend and almost finished it. It has been a long time since I picked up a novel and read it straight through. I almost forgot how relaxing it is to get lost in another world. I wish the book had been out when my wife and I toured the wineries on the central coast of cali.; perhaps I would have tried more pinots.

The blue Raja has come out of hiding and is getting grilled straight way. Me thinks he needs to distance himself from those who draw such distinct boundaries concerning the Christian faith. Anyone who thinks that someone as conservative as N.T. Wright is a heretic needs to refresh their glass of pinot two or three times. I mean really what is up with these people? And for the record he is not as pompous as people make him out to be, he is a rather sweet and genuine man.

Finally I have world cup fever! It is not the same watching the games with my sons and wife as it was four years ago watching it with the lads in England. America needs to sack their manager, and go out and get someone, anyone else. They also need to get their best players to sign contracts in Europe, you will never be a great player and play in the America. England looks like they are underachieving again, (how many years are you allowed to underachieve, until the truth slips out) Rooney looks fit, and he is amazing to watch, but as a team they seem so flat. As long as they keep winning I guess; this next game will be telling.


Sean du Toit said...

"but I insist that is no way to treat your friends." Sha, I thought I was the only one who felt that way! I recently made new friends and so my 'other' friends were like "Where have you been?" When I told them, they were amazed. Would love to hear more about your thesis developments and your paper on Rom 13, as my research is similar, but relating to the Master (Jesus), not the student (Paul).


TheBlueRaja said...

Nice to see you posting again, Bryan! I wish I had the opportunity to see you at ETS/SBL this year, but alas, a dwindling budget and flooded floor make it impossible for me this year.

metalepsis said...

Sean du toit:

I do hope to post on Romans 13 in the near future.


No free pints for you!

Anonymous said...

Love the story. Check out my stories on Amor Ministries