Thursday, May 25, 2006


Many of my friends think that metalepsis is a really dumb name for a blog. Rather than go into a lengthy apology of why I chose the name, I will let the wit and wisdom of computer generated responses do it for me. Hence the googlisms:

metalepsis is an expression gradually leading up to what it shows
metalepsis is an obscure word even for many humanists
metalepsis is important here
metalepsis is a trope apt for detailing the formal qualities of indeterminate language and a locus where classical rhetoric and a poetics of indeterminacy
metalepsis is also found in greek sources
metalepsis is a haunting
metalepsis is a menace to the referential illusion of fiction
metalepsis is the transformation of an observer left outside the conversation into a participant through his judgment about the conversation
metalepsis is my favorite word of what i've read today
metalepsis is a relation between an antecedent and a consequent


J. B. Hood said...

Alright, so if I use the word in my dissertation, do I need to put a disclaimer in a footnote: "I don't mean xyz..."?

TheBlueRaja said...

Dude, you can change your blogroll where it says "Archive only". I'm weak.