Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sidebar Update

So I have finally updated my sidebar to reflect the blogs that I read on my RSS reader. These are blogs that I have been reading for some time, I have just not gotten around to emphasizing this on my blog. So here goes in no particular order:

Chrisendom: Chris Tilling is a witty Brit who finds himself studying in Germany. Has some great reflections on inerrancy, theology, and biblical studies. I hope he sends me a Doner for mentioning his blog!

Sibboleth: Daniel Kirk is a much more successful me. I assume he has finished his Diss. He has a high regard for Richard Hays, He has a job at an institution I would like to teach at, and he writes far better posts than I. So if you ever wanted to read posts that are well reasoned, and have been disappointed by what you get here at metalepsis, the bizarro world is just a click away!

Gospel of Matthew: J.B. Hood is a student up in Scotland doing some work on you guessed it Matthew. Great post on a theology of Land that I have to go back and reread myself!

the busybody: Loren Rosson III really does know it all! Great Esler fan, not so keen on intertextuality...

TallSkinnyKiwi: The name says it all!

Fors Clavigera: James K.A. Smith's Blog. If I was smarter I would really like to study philosophy under him, his take on Derrida is phenom! Buy his books, they are worth a read, just buy them used, we wouldn't want money and fame to go to his head!

the bishop of rhome: Adam Groza one of the finest human beings to grace the planet. Is a Phish loving, chasuble wearing, SBC pastor. It seems the powers that be often block his blog, so good luck ever reading this Eucharistic Baptist.

Now go enjoy!

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Chris Tilling said...

Hey, thanks for your kind words!