Monday, February 13, 2006

Axis of Evil?

I am delighted to be reading blog entries from my friend Paul Nikkel over at Deinde again, after being in hiding in the artic tundra of Canada for two months, I thought perhaps he was using his vast technological skills to 'come up' with the next big archeological find that would convince even the most stalwart skeptics that the ancient Israelites preferred Mac OS over that other os. Well instead he offers some first hand examples of kindness and compassion in hopes of tempering the rhetoric of 'evil'.

Also check out the discussion between James Crossley and Pete Philips, here, here, and here.

And don't forget what is fast becoming my favorite commentator on all things random, AKMA.

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Paul said...

Thanks for the note Bryan! I've been back in the UK a while (only went to Canada for 10 days) but have been trying to get more work done these days :)