Thursday, December 08, 2005

Time, RSS Feeds, and Biblioblogs

Do you just not have enough time to catch up with the latest squabble between Joe Cathey and Jim West on historiography? Or perhaps you want to know instantly from Mark Goodacre the latest offerings from RBL. But after that third cup of coffee and the morning scone(s) you just don't know if you can stay glued to your RSS feeder any longer. Well now you don't have too, thanks to RSStroom Reader which is ready to print the latest offerings from the Deinde team all the way to Scot McKnight, all for your reading pleasure.

With wireless connectivity, RSS 2.0/Atom compatibility, and a browser based control panel, it should get the job done. I remember a picture of Michael Bird's office, and this would look great next to your chair!

1 comment:

Jim said...

We prefer "dispute" to squabble. Squabble sounds so, well, inane.