Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday Seven?

Highlights from the past week:

1. Ever want to go to Iran, but just not sure your spouse will let you spend your hard earned cash on an Indiana Jones Fantasy Camp? Never fear my friends Paul and Jen can show you all the sites and all from the comfort of your office chair. Paul is a Canadian (don't hold that against him) who is doing a Ph.D. in Military Terminology in the Hebrew Bible while, Jen (his Wife) is in the artsy side of the advertisement Business. Enjoy!

2. Myles (who I only know through reading his blog) has a beautiful narrative on the myth of scarcity, and the havoc it can cause in our lives.

3. On the outlandish statement and the idiocy of Pat Robertson (might have to register). On this note everyone should go out and rent Chavez: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. I for one don't think Chavez is a monster, and the people love him (well most of them). And I thought democracy was ol' Pat's savior anyway, What's up?

4. TheBlueRaja has some interesting questions concerning Just War theory.

5. Scott McKnight has some great advice for writing.

6. A new blog ThinkTank promises to be interesting.

7. And heck why not go out and buy me a camera!


Alan S. Bandy said...

Great Blog!

Myles said...

i'll second that. are you in Naples now, or in England?

metalepsis said...

Sadly Naples!