Sunday, July 31, 2005

Books Books Books

I just got three books in the mail yesterday and I am eager to crack them open and get into them.

The Conversion of the Imagination promises to be a good read, Richard Hays is one of the major players in NT intertextuality, and his book Echoes of Scripture is one of those books that transformed the way I approach the NT. While this book is a collection of old essays, most of which I have already read, Hays has supposedly edited and reworked them into a coherent whole. Hopefully he deals with intertextual theory a bit more in-depth, but regardless, I am sure I will be commenting more on this book down the road.

The next book is The Next Reformation a book that encourages evangelicals to embrace postmodernism rather than simply vilify it. This book is highly recommended from a friend, and I am looking forward to Raschke's take on Derrida and Company. To be honest, I enjoy reading Derrida, Barthes, Kristeva, and Foucault; even if I don't always understand them. Aside from that, the book has a really nice feel to it, so kudos goes out to the wonderful Brazos people.

The last book which will probably take a back seat to the previously mentioned books, is a collection of essays by theologians I really respect. Nicene Christianity, as the title suggests is a theology book devoted to the Nicene Creed. I don't read a lot of proper theology so it will be good. Again, this is another Brazos book.


TheBlueRaja said...

When you get to it, I'd love to hear a brief review of the Raschke book, or even some of your general impressions while reading it!

metalepsis said...

only in return for some madras recipes.

Alex said...

Nice page, interesting reads!


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