Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brit Hume really pissed me off!

I'm not sure why I read Denny Burk's blog, it always irritates me and gets my blood pressure through the roof. Mind you this is due to Denny's perspective on the Christian faith, not Denny himself, I should note that Denny himself is a pretty cool chap. Anyhow his blog brought my attention to the comments of Brit Hume about how Christianity can help Tiger Woods. Now I am getting this info second hand, because Fox News isn't often played on our televisions...but according to the clip Brit states, "Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."

Ok so, if Tiger finds forgiveness and redemption in the Christian God, that's great and more power to him, but how in the hell will that cause a "total recovery" and how exactly will Tiger now be a "great example to the world."

I wonder about the brokenness he caused his family, how he betrayed his wife, and made a complete mockery of her. Forgiveness and redemption may help Tiger with his sense of guilt and his own issues, but it does nothing to undo what was done, and this misogynistic perspective ticks me off. Now don't get me wrong I am a strong believer in truth and reconciliation as a means of moving forward, it names the past for what it is, and finds ways to make the present and future bearable and sometimes better, but to insinuate that with the Christian faith Tiger can make a "total recovery" (whatever that means) is ridiculous.

And please inform me how and why Tiger, if he follows Brit's advice, will be a great example to the world. What exactly is the message here, why would he be a great example, I am racking my brains and can't figure it out. Only in Pat Robertsons F***ed up world would Tiger be a great example.

Brit goes on to suggest that the controversy sorrounding his statement is due to the power of naming the name of Jesus, and this may be true in our politically correct culture where it is verboten to speak such things, but Brit's lack of depth and triteness are what got my blood boiling!


sharonostrye said...

Because Tiger is one sick puppy, he needs medical, spiritual and physical health. He won't spiritual recovery without seeking faith. Faith in what? In whom? Jesus Christ who came to save, to heal and to take our sicknesses, our weaknesses and our sins on the cross.

metalepsis said...

So in the context of Tigers transgressions how does that lead to a "total recovery"? What would a "total recovery" look like? And how does this make Tiger a and example to the "world".

If Brit would have said, "In my experience, and what I would advise Tiger to do, is to seek the forgiveness I my self have found in the Christian religion." That would have been fine. But attaching claims of "total recovery" and and example to the "world", seems to me to be nonsensical, and lacks consideration to those who Tiger has offended and hurt by his actions.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brit did not mention the necessary role of the Holy Spirit, but I don't know that he needed to. And perhaps assuring a "total" recovery was overstatement, but maybe not. As for whether a recovery is possible thru turning to Christ -- well, did Paul recover and provide an example to the world? Did Peter? If them, why not Tiger?

If you insist those two were apostles and we have no more apostles, so Tiger is doomed to his past, I disagree but that's OK. Then how about John Newton?

Oh ye of little faith!