Monday, November 02, 2009

Is N.T. Wright smacking down Jim West or what?

In a quote from N.T. Wright's short rebuttal to the CT piece that claims he is at fault for the protestant exodus to Rome, Wright has this to say:

"It reminds me of the fine old German NT scholar Heinrich Schlier, who found that the only way to be a Protestant was to be a Bultmannian, so, because he couldn’t take Bultmann, became a Roman Catholic; that was the only other option in his culture. Good luck to him; happily, most of us have plenty of other options."
Now who among us loves Bultmann? Perhaps this is why Jim West has yet to ask N.T. Wright into his heart.


Jim said...

i cant abandon christ for wright.

Anonymous said...

Jim West is full of folly, and yet is the smartest man on the interwebs. Better than JMac, Piper, and WGrudem combined! ahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhah! bye bye!