Friday, September 04, 2009

When dogmatics get in the way of scholarship

A panel of "NT Scholars" at Southern Baptist Seminary have gotten together to warn students, pastor's, and congregations alike of the evil ogre that is Tom Wright.

Michael Gorman, has a nice summary, which I could not agree with more!

He sums up the panel as saying, "Wright has some good things to say, but he has strayed from the true faith, he has forgotten the gospel, he is dangerous to students, pastors, and congregations."

When I think of Southern Baptists, this is who I think of..., I know it is not fair but... but where did all the old school Southern Baptists go after the Mohler and Patterson purges? Jim West has a lot of work to do in reforming this denomination.

I am well aware of Jim's distaste for Wright, but his distaste is for very different reasons! Namely Wright's project is rather anti-Bultmannian (is Bultmannian even a word?)

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