Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yoga vs Christianity

Now I usually don’t comment on such silly things on my blog, leaving the few posts that I do post, to my current academic interests, but this is just too funny.

Apparently CNN did a little spot about Yoga and Christianity, I didn’t bother to watch it, because I just don’t care what people think about Yoga and Christianity, call me an elitist.  Well this particular segment had Doug Pagitt and John McArthur both men who espouse to follow the Christian faith, and they I assume gave their views on the subject.  But the funny thing is, and this is real funny, they caught Pagitt talking to a women on the set after the segment, and here is what transpired:

Pagitt: Yeah, yeah,…well, you’re sure welcome. Ok, so was it on live too, and then be re-aired? Huh; yeah, that’s great. Thanks. Bye-bye.

Woman: [Way to] go.
Pagitt: Well, thanks. It’s just so weird, isn’t it? [background, “Yes.”] To hear people say stuff like that, like what he’s saying?
Woman: [unintelligible] the reason why younger people don’t go to church. You know what I mean?
Pagitt: I do.
Woman: Because everything is so black and white. You know a position has nothing to do with your body and your spiritual th–you kidding me? [Pagitt snickers in the background] Seriously.
Pagitt: Seriously, [mockingly] “if you want to relieve stress go to the Word of God.” [chuckles]
Woman: Yeah.
Pagitt: [snickering] Oh my goodness.
Woman: It’s like, that’s totally separate; how can you even–ah.
Pagitt: Ah, I don’t know; I…
Woman: I’m glad they have you.
Pagitt: Thanks. Thanks, I apologize for him. [laughs]. Ah…
Woman: [sighs] Well, maybe since that was such a nice conversation, they didn’t give us a lot of time, maybe we can see you again–
Pagitt: Maybe we’ll do it again sometime. Wouldn’t that be fun.
Woman: I got your recording so they did go live with it.
Pagitt: Well, that’s nice.
Woman: That’s here… [unintelligible] you have a DVD–
Pagitt: I have a DVD player. Now my phone should start ringing. All my quirky friends calling me.
Woman: “I saw you…”
Pagitt: “You were pathetic.”
Woman: [laughing]
Pagitt: “I told you to sit up.” I can hear it now.
Woman: No, you were great.
Pagitt: Well, thanks.
Woman: And you didn’t sound crazy either.
Pagitt: [laughing] Thanks.
Woman: Like tha’ other guy. But then you get to watch it again, so…
Pagitt: Yeah, watch it over and over.
Woman: An’ wanna make more copies.
Pagitt: Thanks.
Woman: It was cool to meet you.
Pagitt: Yeah, thank you. Good to know you.
Woman: Yeah.
Pagitt: Should I leave the tag with you.
Woman: I’ll take it for ya. Is it easy for you to go out that way?
Pagitt: Go out that door? Yeah, because I’m parked across the street.
Woman: Oh, cool.
Pagitt: Ok.
Woman: Alright, you have a good day.
Pagitt: Thanks so much.

Now the reason this is so funny is that people (well cronies of John) are now all over Pagitt  for apologizing for what John MacArthur said.   From this transcript it looks like John said something about finding stress relief akin to yoga in the word of God.   Well whatever… I kinda feel for Pagitt because I don’t think he intended his remarks to call into question MacArthur’s Christianity, just his crazy Yoga beliefs.  The moral of the story is only debate a fundamentalist if you want to distance yourself from them, and if you never again want to engage them.

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