Friday, January 02, 2009

Year in Review: Top Ten Music of 2007

Ok I know I am a little late on this, but I really haven’t given all the 2008 candidates enough spins, although Santogold, Frightened Rabbit, and Cut Copy will certainly make the cut.  With out further fanfare or explanation, here are the top ten albums that still get consistent play time on the ol’ Ipod.

Number 10: Menomena: Friend or Foe

This is a really good album that rewards multiple listens.  Most of the tracks have strong enough hooks to keep you interested.  It is an album that is always on the verge of exploding into a cacophonous avant guard crescendo, but thankfully never does. 

Number 9: Modest Mouse: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

Modest Mouse is a pinch of lyrical panache fused with a dollop of Nick Cave like angst and mixed with a heavy dose of beat.  This is a great album to listen to in Florida whilst driving with the convertible top down, but if you are going to be singing, to avoid strange stares, please keep this album for crossing the alley.   

Number 8:Artic Monkeys: Favorite First Nightmare

Now how could I not include a Sheffield band…the Arctic Monkeys really did put together a great sophomore album.  Although just a few songs still remain on the playlist.

Number 7: Bloc Party: A Weekend in the City

For me the matrix of this album is found in the title, but this is not to say it is a story about a weekend in the city, but rather the songs all find their meaning and sense through a contemplation of this theme.  I still listen to this album, and it still elicits an emotional response from me, it is truly a gem.  There is not a song that doesn’t resonate. 

Number 6: Band of Horses: Cease to Begin

Cease to Begin is nice guitar driven music with an ambient feel that you wouldn’t mind listening to at a coffee house, yet it still has that summer anthem feel.  Again another album I can listen all the way through and not get tired of it.  The only downfall of this album is that it is ripe for those emerging worship services that are so keen on ruining good music.

Number 5: Kings of Leon: Because of the Times

Probably the hardest music to make the list, my kids (6 and 4) like grooving to this album, and they pick up on the strangest words within the songs.  Fans is truly genius rock song with stirring syncopation you can be sure that this song will some day make it on to Rock Band, if it has not already.

Number 4: Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

Canadian’s version of a rockier hipper Polyphonic Spree, this music is worthy of a cathedral, just sit and listen to the pent up emotion in the songs and enjoy.  Oh and fill your tea cups with gin!

Number 3: The National: Boxer

I love this guy’s voice.  Some of this music has a Springsteen guitar feel but with much more melancholy undertones.  Boxer, despite the title, is best served with a contemplative gin and tonic and a comfy chair.  (you can substitute a nice scotch, if that is your thing)

Number 2: Feist: The Reminder

Just listen to her voice and I promise you will be enchanted, listening to Feist is my Pan’s Labyrinth.

And of course the number one Album of 2007 is…….


Radiohead’s: In Rainbows


This is the number one album not just because of their innovative pay as much as you like slap to the record industry’s failed business model.  It is a sonic master piece that opens up and offers more listen after listen. This would be the album that I would be happy to be stranded on an island with.  It is a truly rich album, and the theological ramifications of Black Swan just add to its perfection for me. 


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