Friday, April 20, 2007

Quote of the Day

[T]o see others as essentially a threat to my own or my people's status (or rights/privileges), will always cripple and destroy mutual acceptance and community; to insist that others can only be respected and accepted if they share the same tribal loyalty, formulate their faith in the words that we recognize, or act in the ways we approve, narrows the grace of God and the truth of the gospel in ways that would cause Paul the same anguish and anger he experienced in Antioch.

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Daniel Kirk said...

Great quote! Glad you're posting regularly these days.

Where's the JDGD quote from? Galatians commentary?

metalepsis said...

Thanks Daniel!

It is from the new Mohr Siebeck collection of essays entitled "The New Perspective on Paul",pg 31.

It is from the 1st essay which is a great defense of the NP.