Monday, July 10, 2006

the errors of our ways

I picked up the "Mismeasure of Man" by S.J.Gould and couldn't help but think that these 'sins' are the very same grave errors one finds in much of Biblical Studies.

Reductionism: the desire to explain partly random, large-scale, and irreducibly complex phenomena by the smallest constituent parts.

Reification: the propensity to convert an abstract concept into a hard entity

Dichotomization: our desire to parse complex and continuous reality into two's

Hierarchy: our inclination to order items by ranking them in a linear series of increasing worth


Adam_Groza said...

Interesting. I wonder if these are avoidable or if they are inescapably "our ways".

metalepsis said...

yea, I wonder too?

It seems the more we are aware of them the better, but when we become passionate about something and seek to argue to a wider audience these fallacies are the natural way to win over audiences, and we use them for convenience.

Now this is perhaps not the case in good scholarship where our peers might ridicule us for such offences, but when we want to persuade, these become rhetorical devices for our ends.

what happened to your blog, bro?

are you attending DC this year?

Adam_Groza said...

I will be in DC with my wife and daughter. Will you be there? As for my blog, I decided to put it off for a time.

metalepsis said...

Yea, first 'coffee' is on me!

TheBlueRaja said...

Damn, I wish I was going to be in DC - I'd love to see both of you.

metalepsis said...

Then come, your house will dry itself out over time, its a cyclical process!